Welcome! I’m so glad you’re here.

Whether you are new to building your business or an experienced practitioner who wants to attract more clients, I am so glad you are here!
I am Kristin Stevens, and I help healing practitioners, therapists, coaches and spiritual entrepreneurs who struggle to put themselves “out there” share their gifts with the people they are meant to serve so they can be professionally fulfilled and make the contribution they are here to make.  My multi-dimensional approach utilizes tools and techniques to get aligned at all levels: spiritually, intellectually, mentally and emotionally, energetically and physically.  
Is this you?
  • You long to contribute in a bigger way, to attract more clients/patients, and to make more money, but marketing your practice has never been your strength.
  • You know you need to put yourself “out there,” but promoting yourself feels anywhere from uncomfortable to downright disgusting.
  • You often feel overwhelmed by everything there is to do and unsure how to move forward.
  • You think you should do social media, networking, and other standard marketing techniques but you shut down because it all seems so intimidating.
  • You are sensitive and wonder if “success” means that you need to give up your values or serenity.
I can help! My job as a coach is to help you connect with your ideal clients more easily, either online or in person.  I don’t use a standard marketing formula. Instead, I use mind/body methods to help you look inward for guidance about what works for YOU, combined with practical, down-to-earth strategies to help you keep moving forward. For example:
  • Get clear on your vision of service–who you serve and what you offer
  • Own your strengths and unique talents
  • Align your thoughts, feelings, energy and body with your vision
  • Communicate a clear, authentic message with confidence
  • Take action to market your products and services from your grounded center

Why coach with me?

I have been a project manager in the business world for over 20 years, three of which as a successful entrepreneur, and I know how to get stuff done.  I’m also a healer and yoga instructor, and I have a deep appreciation for the mind/body connection.  After years of resisting “business” (corporate burnout, what can I say), I did my own work to heal this relationship, and I realized I actually love talking to soulful entrepreneurs about their businesses.  So now it is my passion and honor to support you in creating an authentic business that allows you to do what you’re made for.

I invite you to take a look around…

Hiring a business coach sends the message that you and your business are worth investing in, and will help you show up in your business more fully.  However, selecting the right coach for you is an important step, and I encourage you to talk to many coaches to make sure you find the best fit for your needs.  Please browse my site and get familiar with my approach.  Check out my Blog for tips on how to do the inner work necessary to create external success in business with more clarity, confidence and ease.  If you are interested in getting started, click the Let’s Work Together tab for more details.

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